"I think it's fair that people who don't smoke can enjoy a meal without having to breathe in smoke. I don't think it's too much to ask smokers to go outside to have a cigarette." Russell, server
Applebee's, Minneapolis

"Everything just got so yellow and just got dirty from the smoke... I could tell the difference in the evening my lungs felt heavier when we were in the smoke... The ceilings got very yellowish looking...If you choose not to smoke you definitely shouldn't have to be in an environment like that." Judy, Owner
Maid-Rite Cafe, Bemidji

"Why should someone who works in a place be subject to someone else's choices? If I want to work in a restaurant, I should be able to breathe free." Kellen, server
Applebee's, Minneapolis

"I like the smoke-free ordinance because when I was working at the bar I just always came home smelling and I'm sure it wasn't good for my lungs." Jenn, server
Raphael's Bakery and Breakfast, Bemidji

"I am for the smoking ban. It's great for the work environment. The employees are for it. It needs to be an environment where you don't need to smoke. I don't want to die from secondhand smoke." Andrea, server/hostess
Cafe 128, St. Paul

"For everybody's well being and working and dining, smoke-free would be the way to go." Bill, owner
Keith's Pizza, Bemidji

"I am looking forward to being able to go out to a cafe in Albany, Minnesota, and not have to breathe smoke. There was no cafe or bar in Albany where I could go and not breathe smoke. I have an allegy and get very sick from smelling smoke. I am so glad workers will be protected!" Deb, resident
Albany, Minnesota

"I am so excited about the clean air that we are all going to be able to enjoy with a meal or drinks. I had the displeasure of watching my father slip away two-plus years ago due to working in the bar for 22 years. His emphesema was very hard on him the last couple of years - he had to fight for every breath. I am thankful someone else will not have face this in the future." Greg, resident
St. Cloud, Minnesota

"I almost lost my track scholarship in college because I was working at a bar/restaurant and the smoke was affecting my lungs and my running performance (combined with years of growing up in a smoking household). I'm so happy that college students and others will no longer have to choose between their health and their job. " Paula, resident
Luverne, Minnesota

"My wife and I and our five-year-old son live in northern Dakota County where there is smoking in bars and restaurants. Smoke-free St. Paul and Bloomington are just a few minutes away from our home. A smoke-free Minnesota means that as a family we can to go out to dinner or to watch the game without having to leave our hometown. No more having to ask if there's a good place in town that's smoke-free too, or traveling out to town in search of a good meal in a healthy place. We're excited to be able to stay in our hometown for dinner and drinks without the side of secondhand smoke!" Mike, resident
Eagan, Minnesota

"My 13-year-old grandson loves to bowl. The family often takes him bowling, but after one game he says he wants to go - the smoke is bothering him. He testified at the Smoke-Free Day at the Capitol. He is so happy about this! I am too! " Sara, resident
Brainerd, Minnesota

"As a young person, I look forward to being able to got to bars to socialize with friends, see live music, dance, play pool, and eat in smoke-free venues! I am also happy for my partner, who has spent the last decade bartending and serving in many different smoke-filled environments. He also has asthma. No worker should be forced to choose between their health and a paycheck!" Jill, resident
Duluth, Minnesota

"I have been a resident of Victoria for about a year now and I love our local eating/drinking establishment. The only problem is that it was not smoke-free until now! I will definitely be frequenting our local establishment a lot more often after October 1st!" Wade, resident
Victoria, Minnesota

"As an individual who lost both my grandmother to lung cancer and grandfather to emphysema due to smoking, and someone who has watched my mother and other friends and family unsuccessfully battle the desire to quit the addictive, unhealthy habit of smoking, I strongly support the Freedom to Breathe Act and it's establishment of smoke-free workplaces and public entities. This is a positive step in the direction of better health for all." Ryan, resident
Virginia, Minnesota

"My first full-time job was at a workplace that had a number of heavy smokers, and was before the first Clean Indoor Air Act was passed. It was miserable having to sit in a tiny lunchroom every day breathing all that secondhand smoke. I didn't have a choice to sit in a smoke-free lunchroom at the time, and that just wasn't fair. Employers should want their employees to stay as healthy as they possibly can, and this will definitely help." Mike, resident
Shoreview, Minnesota

"Among other things, I hate going home at night smelling like an ashtray and waking up in the morning with a pillow that smells like a bar. At least I can wash that out of my hair and pillowcase, I can't wash it out of my lungs. " Kevin, resident
Eagan, Minnesota

"I think it is wonderful that Minnesota will be smoke-free. I have sinus problems and allergies and I've noticed that smoke really irritates these conditions. I don't want to get sick or have other people get sick because of someone else's personal choices." Erin, resident
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Cleaning up the indoor air quality is a step in the right direction." Jan, resident
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Excellent! My wife and I can finally enjoy some live music around town without the billowing clouds of unfiltered smoke! That WAS the only reason we stayed at home . . . the smoke. Quality of life in Minnesota went from a 7 to a 9 (not a 10 because I know winter's coming)!" Jason, resident
Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

"I have a lot of health problems from breathing secondhand smoke for 20 years while being a professional singer. I am now hoarse a lot and it makes me want to cry. I've also had asthma since 1987. For such a supposedly environmentally conscious state, Minnesota is way behind California and New York with the ban. " Lynn, musician
Bloomington, Minnesota

"The restaurant that I used to waitress at had a smoking and no-smoking section in the same room! No barrier of any kind. It's tough when you have subject yourself and your lungs to all that smoke. I'm soooo glad that Minnesota is going smoke-free!" Mallie, server
Hector, Minnesota

"I could not be happier about the long-overdue smoking ban. I live in Dakota County and have been truly jealous of the people who live in Hennepin and Ramsey counties. It is also making for an even playing field for bar and restaurant revenues." Jill, resident
Burnsville, Minnesota

"I'm thrilled about the smoke-free law - it's about time! I'm happy that the employees in these environments will now have a healthier workplace. I'm happy I don't have to travel out of Dakota County to enjoy a smoke-free evening out! This law should've happened a long time ago. " Mary, resident
Eagan, Minnesota