Secondhand Smoke Fact Sheets (PDF)

  1. The Evidence is Clear: Secondhand Smoke is Harmful
  2. The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke
  3. Smoke-Free Policies Improve Health and Have Positive Economic Benefits for Business
  4. Benefits of Smoke-Free Policies

Recent News Coverage of Secondhand Smoke and Smoke-Free Policies

10/24/08: Opinion: A crash is good - when it comes to smoking (Duluth News Tribune)

10/23/08: Fond du Lac [Wis.] narrowly passes smoking ban (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

10/22/08: Nigeria: House passes anti-smoking bill (THISDAY)

10/15/08: Tobacco use in Minnesota is declining, but . . . (Thief River Falls Times)

10/15/08: Opinion: Wisconsin should learn from its neighbors (Sheboygan Press)

10/13/08: Youth celebrate a full year of Freedom to Breathe (Grant County Herald)

10/13/08: Goodhue County helping state to stay healthy (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

10/09/08: Kicking the habit (Owatonna People's Press)

10/08/08: Smoke-free law is one year old (Zumbrota News-Record)

10/08/08: Anniversary of Freedom to Breathe celebrated here (Caledonia Argus)

10/08/08: Poor air quality found in western Wisconsin bars, eateries due to secondhand smoke (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

10/07/08: Opinion: 'Breathe' has made life better (Annandale Advocate)

10/06/08: Smoke-free Minnesota one year later: Progress is being made! (Spring Grove Herald)

10/02/08: Editorial: Smoking ban good for quality of life (Owatonna People's Press)

10/02/08: Minnesota smoking ban stops kids from starting (KELOLAND)

10/02/08: One year after the Minnesota smoking ban (WDAY)

10/02/08: Indian ban on smoking in public (BBC)

10/01/08: Editorial: Breathe deeply (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

10/01/08: Editorial: An anniversary to commemorate (Worthington Daily Globe)

10/01/08: Opinion: Evidence proves Freedom to Breathe is working (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

10/01/08: Minnesota bar owners adapt to ban (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

10/01/08: Smoke-free law turns one (Worthington Daily Globe)

10/01/08: State smoking ban turns one year old (KEYC)

10/01/08: Smoking ban: One year later (Waseca County News)

10/01/08: What's one year old and more popular than Pronto Pups? (Minnesota Medical Association Online)

10/01/08: State smoking ban marks milestone (Public News Service)

9/30/08: Opinion: How's the smoking ban rank with you? (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

9/30/08: Smoking parents can hook kids on nicotine (

9/26/08: Science backs the smoke-free workplace law (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

9/26/08: Nightlife revives after initial smoking-ban slump (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

9/25/08: Freedom to Breathe: A celebration and a timeline (Minnesota Medical Association Online)

9/25/08: Minnesotans love the smoking ban as much as the Vikings, less than walleye dinners, State Fair (City Pages)

9/25/08: Smoking rate drops in Minnesota (Minnesota State University Reporter)

9/24/08: Smoke-free law: Health of state's residents improves (Bemidji Pioneer)

9/23/08: Smoking rates falling (Caledonia Argus)

9/22/08: Passive smoking raises artery disease risk in women (Reuters)

9/22/08: Minnesota's smoking reduction efforts receive South Dakota praise (Public News Service)

9/22/08: Dane County [Wis.] bans smoking in unincorporated areas (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

9/20/08: Editorial: Smoking efforts a positive for state (St. Cloud Times)

9/18/08: Editorial: Smoking survey shows good news (Owatonna People's Press)

9/17/08: A price too high (Owatonna People's Press)

9/16/08: Survey on smoking shows gains (Northfield News)

9/15/08: Editorial: Good news on smoking (International Falls Daily Journal)

9/15/08: Editorial: Legislation can discourage bad habits (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

9/14/08: Editorial: Attacks on smoking save money, health (Mankato Free Press)

9/12/08: Editorial: Smoking survey yields good news (Albert Lea Tribune)

9/10/08: More Minnesota smokers kick the habit, with help (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

9/10/08: Fewer Minnesotans lighting up (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

9/10/08: Minnesota smoking rate reaches new low (KARE 11)

9/07/08: Judge rejects challenge to Omaha's smoking ban (Sioux City Journal)

9/04/08: Iowa smoking ban: Only six law enforcement visits so far (Iowa Independent)

8/15/08: Opinion: Secondhand smoke and health (International Falls Daily Journal)

8/05/08: Iowa: Bar owners fail to stop smoking ban (Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier)

5/15/08: Temporary injunction granted against bar's 'theater nights' (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

5/15/08: Judge stops Elko saloon from using smoking ban loophole (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

5/13/08: Rotary essay contest: 'The Minnesota Indoor Smoking Ban' (Cass Lake Times)

5/06/08: Study: Fewer teens take up smoking if they live in towns with tough restaurant smoking bans (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

5/05/08: Crookston campus goes smoke-free (Minnesota Daily)

5/05/08: Editorial: Change will make campus healthier, more beautiful (Crookston Daily Times)

5/02/08: State sues bar to halt 'theater night' smoking (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

4/29/08: Clearing the air (Brainerd Dispatch)

4/29/08: Opinion: Smoke-free law means improved health for state (Bemidji Pioneer)

4/29/08: Secondhand smoke block artery repair (Washington Post)

4/28/08: Smoking ban behind attempts to quit (Press Association)

4/28/08: High drama in the courts: Bar owners try to skirt state's smoking ban (MinnPost)

4/28/08: Majority Chinese applaud Beijing's smoking ban (Xinhua)

4/24/08: Atlantic City bans smoking on casino floors (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

4/23/08: Editorial: Smoking shack idea should be burned (Mankato Free Press)

4/23/08: Editorial: Sack the shack (New Ulm Journal)

4/23/08: Editorial: State smoking ban good for business (Jackson Citizen Patriot)

4/21/08: In Kansas City, smoke-free pack grows (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

4/19/08: Iowa smoking ban could help Lyle bar, others (Austin Post-Bulletin)

4/19/08: Editorial: Stand firm on smoking ban (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

4/19/08: Editorial: Thumbs up to a smoking ban in Iowa (Albert Lea Tribune)

4/18/08: Tax receipts show Duluth bars are surviving smoking ban (Duluth News Tribune)

4/16/08: Study: Smoking bans don't hurt bars, restaurants (

4/15/08: Opinion: Don't blame smoking ban for decline in gambling (Bemidji Pioneer)

4/15/08: Iowa governor signs strict smoking ban (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

4/15/08: Atlantic City poised to require smoke-free casinos (Press of Atlantic City)

4/14/08: Editorial: Smoking-shelter plan needs to be shut down (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

4/14/08: Are smoking shacks a possibility this session? (Mesabi Daily News)

4/11/08: Scott County saloon asked to butt out (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

4/10/08: Sign will send message to two states (Hudson Star-Observer)

4/09/08: Celebrating smoke-free air (Kenyon Leader)

4/09/08: Opinion: Breathe deep: Fresh, clean air is saving lives (Kenyon Leader)

4/09/08: Iowa approves smoking ban (West Central Tribune)

4/09/08: Iowa and Kansas City, Mo., deliver big wins for smoke-free air (

4/09/08: Support for Wisconsin smoking ban grows (Superior Telegram)

4/08/08: Kansas City will go smoke-free (Kansas City Star)

4/08/08: Editorial: Cheers and jeers (Bemidji Pioneer)

4/05/08: Editorial: Snuff out sneaky try on smoke shacks (West Central Tribune)

4/05/08: Editorial: Don't chip away at smoking ban (Mankato Free Press)

4/04/08: Opinion: Smoking ban's effect - Little on gambling (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

4/04/08 - Opinion: Connection between gambling, no-smoking law disputed (Worthington Daily Globe)

4/03/08 - No smoke? No problem: Many Valley bar owners say smoking ban has helped their business (Stillwater Gazette)

4/03/08 - When you enter Minnesota, honk if you're smoke-free (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

4/03/08 - Billboard takes swipe at Wisconsin's lack of smoking ban (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

4/03/08 - Smoke-free zone (Stillwater Courier)

4/03/08 - Blue Cross' stop-smoking program achieves all-time high quit rate (

4/03/08 - Smoggy Mexico City clears the air with smoking ban (Houston Chronicle)

4/02/08 - Editorial: Charitable losses shouldn't affect the smoking ban (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

4/02/08 - University study shows smoking ban reduces health risk to hospitality workers (Minnesota Daily)

4/02/08 - Minnesota's smoke-free law reduces health risks (Northland's NewsCenter)

4/01/08 - [South Carolina] Supreme Court smokes smoking ban challenge (Columbia Free Press)

3/29/08 - Editorial: University study provides proof that smoking ban is doing good (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

3/28/08 - Opinion: Six months later, smoking ban improving health of the community (Owatonna People's Press)

3/27/08 - Editorial: Smoking ban already paying off (Mankato Free Press)

3/27/08 - U researcher: Study shows smoking ban reduces risk (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

3/27/08 - Study: Freedom to Breathe Act helps hospitality workers (Twin Cities Business Journal)

3/27/08 - Research: Freedom to Breathe Act helping hospitality workers (Minnesota Medical Association News Online)

3/27/08 - U of M study provides first scientific evidence that the Freedom to Breathe Act is creating healthier workplaces for hospitality employees (

3/27/08 - Very green acres (MinnPost)

3/24/08 - Bar bows out of 'theater night' (Fargo Forum)

3/22/08 - Editorial: 'Theater nights' in bars exposed and condemned (Fargo Forum)

3/22/08 - Editorial: Smoke alarm (Toledo Blade)

3/20/08 - Opinion: Big Tobacco should stop exploiting youth (Fergus Falls Daily Journal)

3/19/08 - Study: Particle levels higher in areas that allow smoking (Des Moines Register)

3/19/08 - Smoking ban not clouding up Houston hotel business (Houston Business Journal)

3/16/08 - Editorial: A bad review for bars' 'theater' nights (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

3/15/08 - Editorial: Stop circumventing smoking ban (Mankato Free Press)

3/15/08 - Babbitt bar gets smoking citation for 'Gunsmoke Monologues' (Duluth News Tribune)

3/14/08 - Editorial: Smoking: Fix the loophole (Brainerd Dispatch)

3/14/08 - Study finds that smoking ban had no effect on revenues (Bismarck Tribune)

3/14/08 - Leading health groups applaud continued efforts to protect public health by ending so-called 'theatrical productions' in bars (

3/13/08 - Curtain's down at The Rock as smoking ban enforced (WCCO)

3/13/08 - Secondhand smoke hikes tots' risk of heart disease (U.S. News & World Report)

3/11/08 - Smoking ban spurs one in four to cut tobacco use (Scotsman)

3/11/08 - Study: Smoking ban benefits bar business (Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune)

3/10/08 - Editorial: Don't allow loophole to extinguish smoking bans (Walla Walla Union-Bulletin)

3/10/08 - Health writer: Smoking & SIDS - the connection explained (The Huffington Post)

3/07/08 - Editorial: Close curtain on bad acts to skirt Minnesota smoking ban (Duluth News Tribune)

3/07/08 - Editorial: Time to nip bad acting in the butt (Bemidji Pioneer)

3/07/08 - Editorial: There is no theater loophole (Albert Lea Tribune)

3/07/08 - Editorial: Curtain call for smoking (International Falls Daily Journal)

3/06/08 - Tavern smoking 'shows' snuffed (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

3/06/08 - County smoking ordinance doesn't exclude 'plays' (Carlton County Pine Journal)

3/06/08 - Opinion: 'No smoking' applies to everyone (Farmington Independent)

3/05/08 - Five months after smoking ban people appreciate clean air (KEYC TV)

3/05/08 - Leading health groups strongly support the Minnesota Department of Health's efforts to enforce Freedom to Breathe Act (

3/05/08 - Minnesota Health Department pulls curtain on smoke-ban loophole (Minnesota Public Radio)

3/05/08 - 'Theater nights' in bars are not exempt from Freedom to Breathe Act (Minnesota Department of Health)

3/05/08 - Opinion: Do Minnesotans favor the statewide smoking ban? Yes (Duluth News Tribune)

3/03/08 - Opinion: Smoky theatrics at Minnesota bars (Hibbing Daily Tribune)

3/03/08 - Changes to zone ordinance unveiled in draft (International Falls Daily Journal)

3/02/08 - Editorial: Bar owners are violating law's intent (Fargo Forum)

2/29/08 - Editorial: Minnesota's smoking ban needs to be reviewed (St. Cloud Times)

2/27/08 - Advocacy group says Madison, Appleton doing fine without smoking (Winona Daily News)

2/26/08 - Governor signs statewide Nebraska smoking ban (Sioux City Journal)

2/26/08 - Opinion: Bar patrons light up under 'Freedom to Act Act' (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

2/26/08 - Cancer risk up in Japanese women exposed to smoke (Reuters)

2/26/08 - Heart attack rates fall following national smoking bans (ScienceDaily)

2/26/08 - Lance Armstrong to campaign for smoking ban in Wisconsin (WCCO)

2/21/08 - Opinion: The Angina Monologues (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

2/20/08 - Editorial: Give proprietors credit for creativity, but all Minnesota's bars aren't stages (Duluth News Tribune)

2/20/08 - Thousands stub it out since smoking ban (East Anglian Daily Times)

2/13/08 - Judge says secondhand smoke contributed to Claridge dealer's lung cancer (Press of Atlantic City)

2/12/08 - Heart attacks decreased after public smoking ban in Italy (ScienceDaily)

2/08/08 - Editorial: Clean Indoor Air Act has achieved its intentions (Faribault Daily News)

2/08/08 - Smoky bar triggered deadly asthma attack: study (Reuters)

2/07/08 - After the smoke clears (Faribault Daily News)

2/07/08 - Survey: Most in state support smoking ban (Lake City Graphic)

2/06/08 - Survey finds 76 percent of Minnesotans support smoke-free law (Zumbrota News-Record)

2/01/08 - Editorial: A neighbor's advice on a smoking ban (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

1/29/08 - Smokers kicking habit after ban (BBC News)

1/18/08 - Goodhue County has no smoking ban violations to date (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

1/15/08 - 56 businesses warned on smoking ban (Minnesota Public Radio)

1/14/08 - Tobacco report card shows Minnesota has been "hitting the books" (Public News Service)

1/10/08 - Smokers quit where smoking is not accepted (United Press International)

1/10/08 - Smoker score: Minnesota (msn health & fitness)

1/09/08 - Pawlenty backs Doyle's smoke-ban effort (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

1/02/08 - Editorial: Tackle these health issues for new year (St. Cloud Times)

12/18/07 - Editorial: Numbers prove ban has many benefits (Mankato Free Press)

12/17/07 - Editorial: Smoking ban is paying off (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

12/14/07 - Ban motivates smokers to quit (MMA Online)

12/11/07 - Butting out : State smoking ban leads more to kick the habit (Science Buzz)

12/11/07 - Two-month-old smoking ban produces results in Minnesota (AllHeadlineNews)

12/11/07 - Statewide ban motivating Minnesota smokers to quit (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

12/08/07 - Survey: Minnesota bridges remain a concern (St. Cloud Times)

12/03/07 - Editorial: Little impact from ban (International Falls Daily Journal)

11/26/07 - Tobacco quitline getting attention (KFYR TV)

11/19/07 - Nonsmoker heart attacks down after ban (United Press International)

11/13/07 - Do public health interventions work? (BBC News)

11/13/07 - Restaurant owners speak out about smoking ban (Worthington Daily Globe)

11/12/07 - Bars say ban hasn't hurt (Albert Lea Tribune)

11/08/07 - Local bars anticipate effects from ban (St. Mary's University Cardinal)

11/06/07 - Smoking ban no smoking gun (Elk River Star News)

11/05/07 - Editorial: Smoking ban is good public health (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

11/01/07 - Breath of fresh air? (Grand Forks Herald)

10/31/07 - New faces, atmosphere since ban on smoking (Fergus Falls Daily Journal

10/19/07 - Smoking ban going smooth - so far (Alexandria Echo Press)

10/18/07 - EU study highlights positive effect of smoking ban (Belfast Telegraph)

10/06/07 - Thumbs up to the smoking ban (Albert Lea Tribune)

10/02/07 - Smoking ban reignites cessation efforts (Minnesota Public Radio)

10/02/07 - Good Question: How do smoking bans impact health? (WCCO TV)

10/02/07 - Editorial: Society has changed and is ready for smoke-free (Spring Grove Herald)

10/02/07 - Editorial: Clean air is here across state (Worthington Daily Globe)

10/02/07 - Editorial: Smoking ban is an opportunity (Red Wing Republican Eagle)

10/01/07 - Smoking deaths fall as ban hits six months (icWales)

10/01/07 - Editorial: From now on in Minnesota, thank you for not smoking (Duluth News Tribune)

9/29/07 - Editorial: Fresh air's coming to more Minnesotans (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

9/28/07 - Report says smoking ban helps to cut heart attacks (The New York Times)

9/28/07 - Editorial: New ban may help smokers kick habit (St. Cloud Times)

9/21/07 - One in 10 quit smoking since ban (Wiltshire Times)

9/11/07 - Smoking ban brings big cut in heart attacks in Scotland, study finds (Guardian)

9/06/07 - Ban doubles numbers trying to quit smoking (Barking & Dagenham Recorder)

9/04/07 - Heart attacks tumble after Irish smoking ban (Reuters)

8/22/07 - Smokers affected by tobacco bans more likely to stop puffing (National Post - Toronto)

8/03/07 - Sen. Steve Murphy: Smoking ban will improve public health, lower costs (Red Wing Republican Eagle)